Any contribution, small or large, that contributes to the development of the online tree inventory - "UTree" or to the first ecological restoration project of our association is welcomed.

How to donate:

Make an individual donation

General donations for the PANDO ASSOCIATION, or for a particular project can be sent to the following bank account:

BRD Groupe Societe Generale - Târgu Mureș
Cont IBAN: RO36BRDE270SV12136312700

For companies:

The amount of your donation (within 0.3% of your turnover or 20% of your profit tax) can be deducted from your company's corporate tax.

Redirect 2% of your income tax

Redirect 2% of your annual income tax by completing form 230 (or 200), and that money will go to PANDO's projects.

C.I.F: 37308469
BRD Groupe Societe Generale - Târgu Mureș
IBAN: RO36BRDE270SV12136312700

Donate by a direct debit mandate.

Fill in a form with your personal details and the amount you want to donte each month. Every month the bank will debit that amount from your account. Of course you can always cancel the donation.

For details send us an email to, and we will contact you with the necessary information.