“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – Wendell Berry

Nonprofit Organization Pando for

wild nature

protecting and restoring

There are many ways to help the Pando Association. Find your part in the rehabilitation of the wild nature of Romania.


Planted trees

Ecologically rehabilitated land (ha)

Our projects

Biodiversity and climate resilience enhancement in the Hășmaș and Țarcu Mountains

By planting 1,000,000 saplings, we restore the diversity of the forests in the Hășmaș and Țarcu Mountains, increasing the region’s resilience to the challenges of climate change.

The story of the oak forests of Ciuc

Starting from 2020, we planted more than 43,000 saplings, contributing to the restoration of degraded pastures in the Ciuc Depression.

Ecological restoration of a Transylvanian pasture

We rehabilitate 40 hectares of wood pasture in Hodoșa, by planting 1,000 sessile oaks.

Ecosystem rehabilitation in the Retezat National Park

On an area of 3 hectares, we rehabilitated the forest ecosystem in the Râului Mare Valley, Retezat National Park..


The online catalogue of urban trees provides information on tree species, location, health status and ecosystem benefits.


Urban forest in Târgu Mureș

We planted a forest in the middle of the city with the Miyawaki Method, creating a more natural and healthy environment.

Our mission

We devote a significant part of our lives to actively work on preserving the natural environment through the objectives of the PANDO Association.

Scientific research

Environmental education

Ecological restoration

Promoting a sustainable lifestyle

Do you want to become part of the Pando family?

pando One tree today

One tree today will be tomorrow’s forest

Every tree planted and cared for is a step towards the lost forests. Join the Pando family in the fight for a greener tomorrow.

Each young tree makes a significant contribution to air quality. Let’s work together for a cleaner future.

Each grown tree can be home to a lot of animals and bugs. Together we can contribute to creating a healthier ecosystem.


Special thanks to all those who help our work on a regular basis. Without their contribution, the PANDO Association could not function!

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With Pando you can contribute to a greener future.

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