This fall, we started a project that we had been wanting to implement for some time. Our goal has always been to give back to nature a little of what we humans have taken from it. Hence, most of our projects are trying to meet this basic concept.

Through our latest project, the restoration of a Transylvanian landscape, we are trying to give back to our environment an area that, in addition to offering beautiful views, has high ecological benefits, as it far exceeds other similar regions in terms of biodiversity.

Hodoșa, 2020 autumn

Our planting was a huge success among the people who wanted to plant the seedling. The plan was to ecologically improve a wood pasture, which we managed to start at the end of October by planting 500 sessile oak seedlings on an area of about 20 hectares on a pasture near Hodoșa.

One day we managed to plant all the little trees in their designated place! Considering that this is a pasture, it was necessary to pay special attention to keep a distance of more than 10m between the trees. We solved this with the help of our Utree application, with which volunteers could find the appointed places of the trees to be planted. The application originally works as an urban tree cadastre, which can be used in several Transylvanian cities, but now the location of trees planted near Hodoșa can also be viewed.

In addition to planting, the volunteers were given a protective tube next to each tree that had to be installed around the seedlings in order for them to grow undisturbed during this vulnerable period of their lives, in addition to the animals grazing there.

We are very grateful for the help and it is a great joy to know that so many people carry in their hearts the fate of the nature around us! It was great to see that the people who came to the event grabbed a spade and left a mark on the environment, for the future.

Thanks again! To be continued!