This autumn (2021), we will add 1,500 saplings to the forest, which was established near to Sândominic (Csíkszentdomokos).

So now, about 11 500 seedlings have found their new home in the previously abandoned reapers.

Watch the video of the event by clicking on the picture!

The event was also attended by dozens of enthusiastic volunteers who feel a responsibility towards the nature of the future. To them, and to you, dear readers, we proclaim that the story of the oak saplings of Sândominic (Csíkszentdomokos) does not end here. In spring 2022, let’s get together again and plant another 11,000 saplings, thus increasing the area of the oak forest.

To ensure that a truly healthy oak forest with strong roots grows from the seedlings planted here, it is important to care for them for another 5-6 years after planting. The seedlings planted last year have already been monitored this year, i.e. observed and recorded for healthy growth through various parameters, and if necessary helped to control drought or overgrown grasses.

In addition to volunteer support, you can also donate to help the saplings reach acorn maturity. You can donate on our website or on our official fundraising page.

Thank you for your help!

Special thanks to our kind supporters: Transylmagica, One Tree Planted, Dora Optics